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Vintage Alpaq CA Satin Pants

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Alpaq Inc. CA was founded by Alfred Paquette in 1969. It now is called the Alfred Paquette Division and has the brand Byer. These Vintage Satin Pants are from the 1970's and come in a peach color and the label says size 13. The previous owner took in the waist and it is approximately 25-26 in. If you were to take out the seam it will give another 1 to 2 in. They have a high waist with a 2 button and zipper closure in the front and have a wide leg. You can dress up or down, wear with a t-shirt or a sweater. There are no rips or snags. 

Size: 13 (waist is smaller)

Color: Peach

Hand Wash and Lie Flat to Dry