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Vintage Enid Collins Handbag

Vintage Enid Collins Handbag

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Enid Collins began making and designing handbags and accessories in 1946. Each bag has a theme and decorated in jewels.

We have two designs available at this time: 1 is "gifts from the sea", which shows sea life with fish and accented with jewels. It is beige with blues & greens w/ leather straps and accents. The inside does have some pen marks on the side. 2 is "Roadrunner", which shows a Roadrunner decorated in jewels. This is beige with amber and beige accents. This one has a small water stain on the back. Both have wood bases. 

These are in great vintage condition with minimal wear and no missing jewels. 

Styles: Roadrunner or Sea Life  

Measurements: Roadrunner: 13" L x 4.25" W x 10.5" H, Sealife: 10" L x 5" W x 8.5" H