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Vintage Handbag

Vintage Handbag

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Mid-Century Modern fashion designers created sturdy, fashion-forward handbags and purses with plastic in either Lucite or molded acetate. Both Lucite and acetate are a type of plastic but not the cheap kind of today. Many women of that period thought that having and carrying a Lucite or molded acetate purse was glamorous. 

The Vintage Tortoise Shell Handbag was manufactured in 1952 by Elsa Mfg Co in St. Louis, MO. It is made out of molded acetate and has a ribbed body. The lid is a lighter color than the base and has an etched flower in the center with other etching surrounding it. This set includes a Tortoise Shell Comb. This is in great condition for age with no cracks.                                                                                                         

Measurements: Base to the top of the lid: 5.5" H, w/handles: 12" H, 7" L at base, Lid is 5.5" L, 5"W at base, 3.5" W on lid.            

The Vintage Lucite & Woven Handbag has Lucite handles that overlap and base in a Tortoise Shell color. The body is cream/tan with a crochet or woven texture and metal flowers with "pearls" in the center. There is no makers mark. This has small scratches on the base. 

Measurements: 10.5" L x 6" W x 8.5" H

2 to choose from: Tortoise Shell Ribbed Handbag or Lucite & Woven Handbag