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Vintage Metal Telephone/Magazine Rack

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Back before smart phones, people used to have a land line phone. They would place the phone on something like this Vintage Metal Telephone/Magazine Rack in close proximity to the couch or recliner so it would be within reach while they were watching tv or reading. Now a days most people don't have a land line because they have a cell phone. This Vintage Metal Telephone/Magazine Rack can be used for those that still have a land line and the phone is thinner and if they still purchase books they can go on the bottom. This Vintage Metal Rack can be used as a plant stand or to hold other items. It is a patina on the rustic brass metal frame that gives it character. 

Measurements: 9" L x 22" H x 6.5" W

ATTENTION: This item is vintage and is sold "as is". With no guarantees. This item is non-returnable and non-refundable.