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Hand Poured Candles & Melts

Shelly Luan, the owner of Gordelly, Unlimited, has created her own candle line which she is calling Butterfly House Candle Co.  She take's the name from the house in our Gordelly, Unlimited logo. That house is called a Butterfly House, because the roof line looks like a butterfly about to take off in flight. It is one of Shelly's favorite Mid-Century Modern house designs. She decided to start her own candle line as she could not find a candle line to bring into her boutique that she was absolutely sure would not cause her allergies or headaches. 

Why purchase from our candle line?

Each hand poured candle is made with Coconut Apricot wax, a luxurious wax blend of coconut and apricot wax with food grade paraffin wax. This wax blend is paraben, phthalate and toxin free. This blend produces a smooth creamy candle with a great scent and is FDA approved. This wax is suited for container candles.

Each wax melt is made with Coconut Tart wax that is paraben, phthalate and toxin free, too. This wax is suited for wax melts. 

The fragrance oils used in our candles and melts are phthalates free and adhere to strict global RIFM and IFRA standards. 

We also use wooden wicks in our candles. 

After months of research Shelly concluded that she wanted to make candles and melts that are eco-friendly, sustainable and offer a clean burn and scent. With the ingredients used for our Butterfly House Candle Co. candle line she has achieved that goal. She chose these waxes, fragrances and wicks because in the past some of the petroleum based candles she bought would give her allergies and headaches. 

Each candle is made with love in small batches by Shelly right in her boutique in Southern California. 

Check back often to see what new releases she has available! 

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