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Vintage Long Kimono

Vintage Long Kimono

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A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. Most younger Japanese women do not wear them on a regular basis anymore. Kimonos are usually worn at weddings and are very elaborate in color and design, unless it is a Shinto wedding and then the kimono is white. We have available three Vintage Long Kimonos. The 2 Vintage Silk Kimonos were found and brought back from Japan in 2019 by Gordelly, Unlimited. The Vintage Polyester Kimono was made in Japan and brought back in the 1960's by a female captain in the military. There are no rips or tears in the fabric. Due to monitors and phones we are not responsible for the differences in how the colors present. 

Size: One size fits most

Styles: Apricot Silk, Mint Green Silk, Blush Polyester