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Vintage Murano Glass Dish

Vintage Murano Glass Dish

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Murano glass is made in Italy by glass artisans that do not make two pieces alike. This Vintage Murano Glass Dish is trimmed in green and has folds on the edges. This is not a manufactured piece as you can see on the bottom the remnants of the mark the blown glass tool left behind. Manufactured glass has a seam in most instances to tell it was in a mold.  This piece does not have a makers mark which is reflected in the price. 

Measurements: 9.25" L x highest point is 2 5/8" H x 8.5 at widest

This item can be purchased online or in store. If purchasing online we will contact you to make pickup arrangements in our Escondido, CA store. Thank you.

ATTENTION: This item is vintage and sold "as is". With no guarantees. It is non-returnable, non-refundable and is not shippable.